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Date Posted:28-10-2022 01:19 PMCopy HTML

2 Major Methods That Will Make The Society Become Better

There is only 1 single root problem in the society of this world.
The root problem of all smaller problems is people unable to manage/control their physical human body.

A entire moving picture is the “black” point is increasing while the “white” point is decreasing.
The “black” point is represent the destruction.
The “white” point is represent the creation.

If you look at the media, you will see the chaos, destruction in all nation on Earth at the moment.
There is very little new creation due to the “robot” technology era + almost all humans get lost, cannot control their body + mind + spirit.

The only working solution overall is create more new things.
But that things must educate the sleepy public people via 2 methods: direct way and indirect way.

The indirect way is through each national government’s laws, policies.

The direct way is via information such as book, video, music, movies, games, software.

The biggest problem now is the group who are receive the duty of take care mortal humans are having no clue what to do. That is the reason you see worldwide chaos nowadays.
They are lacking of new creative ideas.
But they don’t have any incentive program to attract smart people or direct new solution.

I can help both the indirect way and the direct way.
Some strategies about the indirect way macro problem between nations I have already shared within last couple of weeks.

While the direct way I have not yet shared since I do not have any contact with those group, and I don’t want to waste my time if I am not sure my works will be used.

If anyone of you have any contact with the group(s) that receive duty to assist/help the mortal humans of this civilization on Earth in this world, then please either tell them to contact me directly as soon as possible or give me your contact so I will have talk with them.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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