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Date Posted:03-11-2022 04:14 AMCopy HTML

3 Major Currency Types Existing From Ancient Times Till Modern Day

Since ancient time many thousand years ago till today, there are only 3 major currency types existing.
Do you know that non-popular information?

The international economic war, the global currency battle between nations, groups will only end when all 3 major currency types existing appear and co-exist at the same time.

They are:
– 100% touchable physical currency.
– Half physical half digital.
– 100% untouchable digital currency.

The 100% physical currency are the silver, gold, copper, etc. (in ancient time).

The half physical half digital are the current fiat money paper that backed by the authority national government such as US Dollar, Euro, CNY, Yen, etc.

The 100% digital currency are the digital software have number such as cryptocurrency or video game coin, etc.

If the 100% digital currency is mean you cannot trade without “digital electric device”.

Then the 100% physical currency is mean you only able to trade in real physical person using your own physical body, and all kind of digital transaction between people are not allowed.

And that 100% physical currency type is not yet truly appear and exist in this modern day (no any official national government recognize and have rules laws about it).

Given the world wide chaos and global conflict between all entities, base on my vision and knowledge then the 100% physical currency type will be a perfect solution that will “satisfy” almost all nations/groups.

It will come in an elegant way to make sure do not “crash” the current fiat money paper system.
But also bring real value and useful to the society.

Some region will use as smaller state (original nation) while the migration nation will use as the “continent” currency alternative.

Depend on ideology of each people, you will have different result but overall the new but old 100% touchable physical currency will appear to save this civilization from destruction.

I have given many ideas but this one is going to be the my last solution for the world financial system conflict.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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