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Date Posted:09-11-2022 03:22 AMCopy HTML

A New Additional International Financial System Is A Must To Defeat The Corruption On Earth

The level of corruption on Earth at the moment are too much.

Because people no longer able to self control and live like real human God.
But instead they are choosing live like animal lifestyle without even aware about that.

Some clear examples: only chasing for money, gold, wealth with the mindset “money is God” ; prefer controlling other humans instead of self action self work (through teams, companies, group) ; always want to reply on others, blaming others instead of taking self responsibility.

The big problem is there are too many low level humans with that limited mindset.

Even though there are many different groups with different ideology about life in all nations.

But overall, there are only 2 major teams on current Earth affair: team treat people like equal human Gods vs team treat people like animals.

No matter what method, strategy they are using, the final outcome, objective is always lead to the trace of above 2 different ideology teams.

I am not going to debate about history since ancient times till today, but I am only telling the truth from the stand point of a high level beings on par with many super beings deities is: the real identity of human is like Gods and not animals.
So the teams, groups who are treating people like animals will and always going to vanish in the future.

Back in the current modern day, the current world financial system are operating and running like in favor of “live like animals” where the big companies have too much power while each individual person have very little impact.

So there is a much needed new additional international financial system that focus on individual human.

You need to understand that most of the troubles, chaos, corruption on the society is because of the illusion title/company/organization. And they are using the current financial system to management and connecting with each others.

Since it is impossible to shutting down the current world system, thus the option of having new additional international financial system is the only way.

There some important features not yet exist such as:
– Official international currencies recognized by 2 or more nations.
– Cash only currency.
– Fair, equal opportunity currency where how the money being printed is up to all the public people but not through any group, team, organizations.

I don’t know what exactly behind the scene but:
– If the currency money battle is real: then can use the “fusion merged currency” as a reason to collect the money in the current system and use it like a “ticket” to obtain new money in new system.

– If the currency war between groups is not real, then use the new competition to earn international money to make the system become better.

The current world financial system based on fiat money still exist, but the new additional one must appear to educate people, to remind people to reclaim their God power and live with self individual mindset, awareness.

It is mandatory to have a new additional world international level financial system to defeat the corruption and educate the public people.
Of course there are many other extra help, methods via direct education but the impact cannot reach to the root problem, cannot bring huge awareness to the mass in the society.

The new additional world financial system is easy to implementing since it won’t be complicated like the current one.
If I was in charged then everything is take is 30 days to design everything from structure to rules, theory, etc. and 60 – 90 days ready to make public announcement and 180 days to finish everything and launch (here including offline office, street outlet/store in all several regions on Earth at once).

The question now is who agree, who on board with my idea, who are willing to give up their big ego and who really want to make the world become a better place, more interesting world ?

Do not wait and dream me helping you guys gals for free fuking idiots beings.

I am treating you like equal human God, that’s why my actions and words always have “karma requirement” unlike the stupid beings who with ideology of “animals” where everything must be free, the savior, the messiah must show up like Jesus, must help everybody for free, etc.

It is very easy for me to deceive all of you with just some easy master physical body technique, methods which can help you extend your longevity but I chose did not and also not going to do it because my moral are too high.

Sorry folks, that not going to happen.
I am straight forward !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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