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Date Posted:18-11-2022 03:36 AMCopy HTML

Abolish Federal Reserve 1913, Income Tax Require Huge Support From Top High Level Players

There has been a huge support from the US military about the idea of abolish the Federal Reserve FED and income tax for quite some time.

First of all, they are not bad idea but…
There are few important questions:
– Is there any better way?
– Do it get enough support from top high level players/entities in the current Earth life game?

If you can have a correct answer for just 2 simple questions above then you are good to go.
Sound pretty easy but not too easy.

Abolishing the FED and remove the income tax, 99.99% Americans will like that idea and policy.

Because the Government is the one have power to print endless fiat money paper to the market, thus there is absolutely no reason to collect personal income tax, especially the low to middle class people.

Life is not only about money, economy but also about human development, evolution.

The “foreign” entities are dangerous and do you think most of them want the USA to be truly free?
I don’t think so !

I as the real Savior Messiah Buddha will answer you 2 above questions:
1. It is depend on each individual ideology and thinking. But even there is no any better way, then it still need some kind of “transition” policy period.

2. No. They do not receive enough support from big high level players in the current Earth life game.
Here is quality not quantity, law of spiritual universal field.
They must need my support or they will never able to abolish the FED because I am the highest level player on the current Earth game (even above many super deities and all the US enemies combine).

But my personal situation with family issues are terrible, thus there is no reason for me to help or support the Americas because they have their own life, and I have my own life.
If there is no any fair “exchange” then life is keep moving like 2 separate direction.

Frankly, abolishing the FED will take less than 2 years (including transition period).
And can only takes few months if they can get my support and using my strategy.

That’s just theory.

I don’t have good mood and motivation to go deeper into that Americans issues, just waste of time, energy while receive nothing in return.

They can keep wasting time to pray the “God”, but without real actions nothing will be done.

The best hope for the Americas is me the real savior Messiah Buddha, but since they refuse to connect, ask, support me, so it is not my duty a non-US citizenship to help them !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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