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Date Posted:03-11-2022 11:11 AMCopy HTML

All Nations Must Create A New Currency Type To Fight But Coexist With The Current Fiat Money

The solution for the world problem around financial battle between nations, groups are is very simple: just create a new currency type that have power to fight but coexist with the current fiat money paper.

It seem become an impossible task with most of you but to me it is very simple.

You need to understand the strength and weakness of the current fiat money paper, so you can come up with a completely new currency that can really challenge all current fiat money paper.

The only option and solution now is the new 100% physical only currency.
I don’t know what exactly behind the screen but just assume the worst case is the new 100% physical only currency are just piece of paper (not backed by any natural resources).

Then it should have some features like this:
– Only allow physical trade.
– All digital electric transactions are not allowed.
– Bank only allowed to keep the currency paper, not allow to send to others, thus only have function of deposit and withdraw.
– Free tax for people who are using the new 100% physical only currency for all kind of trading.
– The new currency notes will be issued via smart, elegant way via various competitions. It could be from local low level government or group of nations depend on the ideology and situation of each region.

And some other features depend on each nations too.

When you can have a new currency type but under a different name like the “Land Living Permission Notes”, then people won’t able to notice.
Then you allow people to free trade with each others including foreigner,
If you ask about tax matter?
Then have zero 0% tax for all personal income for all who are using the new 100% physical only currency, and just have strict rule for “investor”.

With the current modern, people are still using digital transaction a lot and will always be due to the “convenient” and location distance, thus the current fiat money paper system still exist and have it own advantage.

But the new great 100% physical only currency will shine and have it own “niche”, own “market”, and people will love it !

What all nations, all groups need to do now is seeking my permission, listen to me and implement the the new 100% physical only currency to save themselves and save the society from destruction !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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