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Date Posted:10-11-2022 04:26 AMCopy HTML

All Old Ancient Prophecies Are Hope And Traps At The Same Time

All the old ancient prophecies was and are bringing hope for the future and it is also contain “traps” as well. Just like a coin always have 2 sides.

The truth is that all the timeline from ancient prophecies always exist at once.
It is all about whether you can realize or not, whether you are smart enough to know or not.

Unfortunately, people especially the top secret controllers did not realize that fact but they prefer blind following all the old prophecies without end sign like animals waiting the owner come.

Instead of living like normal person which using brain, mindset to think, to make real common sense actions, all what they are doing is causing war and chaos everywhere on Earth !

How stupid and idiots !

You will only know and able to contact with the real savior Messiah Buddha if you think and believe so, otherwise there is absolutely no chance !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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