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Date Posted:24-11-2022 07:58 AMCopy HTML

Anybody Know Any Secret Place To Sell New Ideas, Books That Able To Help Society Become Better?

I have a lot of new unique creative ideas and books that have not yet public shared.
I don’t want to become public hero, I just want to receive some money in return to help my family members.

I know there are a lot of secret societies, big organizations, royal families have spent a lot of money, wealth with purpose of making society become a place place.

But as a stand alone player in this world, I do not have any direct contact or know their secret private communication channel of them.

So I am seeking a way/method to sell my brand new ideas, books to top secret societies, organizations.

The value of each new idea, book is either up in auction or up to the buyers in most case.
The final agreement I will decide and also base on negotiations.

If any of you know or have any information that can help/support my purpose.

Then please contact me as soon as possible via twitter or telegram, my ID is thesaviorisyou.

I also have many other contact methods which you find on my personal website, too.

This request available for the next 7 days from now till the end of November 2022.

Thank you for reading.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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