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Date Posted:15-03-2023 10:39 AMCopy HTML

Book New Creation New Society New World By Bodhi Udumbara

Karma Requirement: 99 USD/Euro.
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This book designed, very useful for content creators and who want to have new ideas in their career, life such as designers, directors, producers, managers, artist, marketers, book/song writers, journalist, video/game/movie makers, CEO, etc.

We as a human race always want to live in peace, always want a fair life to compete, to live in this planet Earth.
But we are facing tough challenges, conflicts between many groups, nations at the present moment.

In order to find the “passing key” to remove the troubles, we must to think more, we must to create something new that not yet exist.
Because that is all the parties that involved in the current silent World War are needed.
This book “New Creation New Society New World” will educate, give important “tool” to all beings, entities, nations to help them have better chance to overcome the challenges they may have, not only now but also in the future.

We must try something new to see whether it is worked or not, there is no other choice.
We cannot “invest” in “destruction”, we must “invest” in “creation” if want to build something new no matter whether it is big or small.

I hope the wars will stop, the society will become better to live, to enjoy, the life will be more fair for all people, nations.

Book Content:
Book Using Rule, Permission
Author Bodhi Udumbara
Understand The Root Problems Of The Society
The Only Working Solution Is New Creations
Negative Creations And Positive Creations
How The Government Can Encourage Citizens To Be More Creative
Increasing Individual Personal New Creation Ability Method
Example: New Creations, New United States
Example: Revive Ancient China In Modern Day
Example: Make Europe Beautiful Again
Example: Custom Sport Rules To Make Match Become More Interesting
Example: New Global Personal Travel Passport System
Example: New International World Individual Personal Bank Account System

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy - Bodhi Udumbara


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