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Date Posted:06-11-2022 10:45 AMCopy HTML

Book: 100 Sacred Practical Tips Advice To Help You Become Smarter Stronger Person In Life

We are living in a very complex world with too many things, people, groups with all different kind of ideology. But what is the correct one, what should you try, do and follow ?
That is a very big question to almost all people in this civilization on Earth.

In my personal opinion, the best choice is self learn, self training, self control your own body, your own mindset, your own destiny.

I am a very high evolved beings at least on the similar level (if not higher) with many super deities, beings in many religions and history on planet Earth.

Now I have a very great book to help all of you to become smarter, stronger, better person in real life, no matter what is your background, your color, your believe, your race.

The book called as “ 100 Sacred Practical Tips Advice To Help You Become Smarter Stronger Person In Life”.

The content of this book are abnormal because it contain a lot of practice useful godlike level tips, advice that is not known to at least 99.99% people of this world.

The truth is that almost all people are doing are lot of “wrong” things everything from daily diet to activities, thinking, actions but they don’t know it yet because there is absolutely zero teaching in real life about how you should live in this survival game of life on Earth.

All 100 sacred practicals tips in this book including both the theory, practice guide for you to try and the detail explanation behind each advice theory so you can also understand fully everything.

I can reveal with you that all the advice in this book are volunteer try and practice at will.
You do not need to do everything in the book but just need pick the theory that you agree with.

All tips do not involve in any luxury items, stuffs because it is about self master, self control your own body, your own destiny. All practice are safe, do not involve in harming any beings.

This book have 2 karma requirement: for each person and for the whole community.

The karma requirement for you to obtain this book is: volunteer donation of minimum 11,000 US Dollar / Euro.

The karma requirement for me to write and publish this book for free to the entire internet community is: volunteer donation of minimum 47,000 US Dollar / Euro

The book will allowed to be read, used for maximum 2 persons.
If you want to share the book with more than 2 person, then you must seek my permission with some extra condition, requirement.

This offer, this open opportunity is for all but will only last till 11-11-2022.

After above time, this book will be off, you need to contact me directly to see whether I willing to “trade” the book or not.

Feel free to ask, contact me if you have any question, request.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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