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Date Posted:09-11-2022 08:13 AMCopy HTML

Book: How To Master Your Own Body, Mind, Spirit To Exit, Conquer The Life Matrix

The ultimate goal of life are not money, wealth or super power, abilities but it is how to self control, master your own body, mind & spirit at once.

Able to control just a human body is already a very difficult objective, let alone able to master all 3 subjects of body, mind and spirit, seem unreal and fantasy ?!

The truth is that it is very easy too tell, educate others to self control their own physical human body but the drawback is their moral won’t improve, their mind will function like robot and their spirit field won’t be increase at all.

That’s why many super gods, deities did not show up and give direct education to all the public people.
But let it like a hidden duty for all people on Earth.

How much you know about the life matrix not only on Earth but also the Universe?
Will you able to exit/conquer that crazy system without help from others?

In theory, it is always possible, but the chance are slim and nearly impossible for all the people no matter their society status/power.

But in order to have the “key code”, you must using all the tools, resources you have to connect, study new learning materials from all places around the world. If you do not know how to do that simple things and basic Universal rules of living, then there is 0% chance for you to truly master your own body, mind and spirit in order to escape the life matrix.

I am the one who have fully able to master my own body, mind & spirit and able to exit, conquer the life matrix, that is the reason I am offering this sacred book to whoever meet the karma requirement.

This book will including many sacred hidden techniques, methods, theory, information about humans, animals, body, mind, soul, spirit, Earth planet, the Universe, that you won’t able to find elsewhere (at least at the moment, while the future is always uncertain).

The karma requirement for you to obtain this book is: volunteer donation of minimum 36,000 US Dollar / Euro.

The book will allowed to be read, used for maximum 2 persons.
If you want to share the book with more than 2 person, then you must seek my permission with some extra conditions, requirements.

This offer, this open opportunity is for all but will only last till 11-11-2022.

After above time, this book will be off, you need to contact me directly to see whether I willing to “trade” the book or not.

Feel free to ask, contact me if you have any question, request.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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