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Date Posted:21-06-2023 05:02 PMCopy HTML

Book: Secret Human Physical Spiritual Cultivation Guide Tutorial By The Grand Master
Original Source, More Info:

The most important things in life is always personal individual level at both physical and spiritual field.
All other subjects are just fake and not really important.

If you have not yet archive the Nirvana status like Gautama Buddha or me the real Savior Messiah, then if you think various subject such as climate change, trade war, nation economy, etc. are more important than individual personal matter (such as longevity, health, etc.), then you are probably have big mindset problem !

During my ascension journey, I have found, discovered many secret techniques methods that greatly help me to become an immortal beings (obtain the Nirvana status).

Now after fully found the public cure for world chaos, I have no regret left but just want to give last opportunity for all beings entities who believe in me and want to have new secret sacred information about physical spiritual cultivation (including everything like super power super ability as well).

Combine with the modern technology, information, I have decide to write the greatest book about human cultivation (both physical and spiritual) that will increase personal longevity to many more hundreds years if not thousand if not forever (depend on each individual beings).

I cannot give it for free for that not the way of life.
The karma requirement for this book is $2000 USD for 1 single person + volunteer donation later (depend on each people will).

The reason I am using pay as you will model for this book is because I think it would cost many millions if not billions but I want all beings can obtain this book so I will only use $2000 USD as the upfront payment while the remaining later will based on each individual wealth condition and their desire.

This book is not allowed to buy sell share trade any information or/in the book with any beings/entities.

I will also add some hidden magic to make sure 1 copies 1 person/beings only, anyone who violate will receive heavily punishment (even sudden dead or lost of something)

I do accept both one off payment and schedule planned payment.

This book will available for the next 7 days as the minimum.
Beyond that timeline, I could still sell or stop (depend on my personal situation at the moment).

I am not going to sell this book again in the future so be quick !

So if you really want to obtain the greatest book that help you increase your personal level so you can increase your longevity, become stronger, have more power in real life then you must obtain this book as soon as possible.

Have any question or want to talk chat negotiation, feel free to contact with me when I am still available.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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