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Date Posted:27-10-2022 04:31 AMCopy HTML

Book: The Science Of Human Intelligence, How To Cultivate Intelligent To Become Boss Leader

The truth is that everybody can learn, study, train to become boss, CEO, world leader.
But very few people know the secret of human intelligence and how to “cultivate” intelligent, how to train to become smarter.

The only thing make the difference between the rich and the poor, the stupid vs the smart people is just the intelligence level of mindset.
Because the brain structure of all humans are the same, no matter whether you are girl or boy, age, skin color, nations or any background, etc.

After studying, training in both the East and the West with unconditional reason in my entire life, I have come into 1 conclusion is: all humans can become boss, world leader with certain correct training, educating.

That is the reason I have decide to write this book “ The Science Of Human Intelligence, How To Cultivate Intelligent To Become Boss Leader”.

The content of this book is unlike anything you ever seen with a lot of observe science information which explain why there is some smart or stupid person in life.

Real human intelligence is not the memorize information you can found on the internet or in any book or in any way of text, words such as this person is robot or fast calculating math, etc.

The ultimate human intelligence is how you manage other beings, how you react to the unprepared situation, how you able to connect all the dots to make the final conclusion, etc.
Some people say is as the “common sense” of “correct” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad”.

This book including not only theory but also a lot of training advice, strategy to help you cultivate, increase your own intelligent.

I am not going to tell your that you must do this do that.
I am not going to say act this is correct or act that is wrong.
I am not going to ask you need to remember any theory in life.
I am not going to give you any specific sample, formula.

All what I am going to help you through is book is raise your awareness of life, increase the level of your powerful mindset to help you become better, smarter person in life.

What I am calling is help you unlock the “ultra instinct” power that are sleeping deep within each human.

The karma requirement to obtain this book is: volunteer donation of minimum 28,000 US Dollar / Euro.
The book will allowed to be read, used for maximum 2 persons.
If you want to share the book with more than 2 person, then you must seek my permission with some extra condition, requirement.

This offer, this open opportunity will only last for about 2 weeks from now till 11-11-2022.

After above time, this book will be off, you need to contact me directly to see whether I willing to “trade” the book or not.

Because this book will be a great treasure for any national government, any military team or any organization, group so I am willing to “trade” but with specific condition base on case to case.
The karma requirement and condition for any group will be discussed via private communication.

In order to obtain the book, you can either make donation that match above karma requirement then either drop your email address or contact me private directly so I can send you the book.

This is the special Savior Messiah Buddha’s book which I written 100% by myself.

Do not miss this golden opportunity to change your life, your destiny for the much better !

Feel free to share this article and contact me for any information you need.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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