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Date Posted:25-11-2022 02:50 PMCopy HTML

Do Not Overthink, Just Fix The Current World Financial System Conflicts Directly

The truth is very simple so as the solution but no any government/authority do it.

Just think as a team such as the Earth team that include all nations as each individual player.

So what is the best method?
Just fix the problem of each player, then the whole Earth team will eventually better off.

But now what you are seeing is all blaming games between groups, nations which just cannot lead to successful at all.

What are the big problems in the current world financial system?
– Exchange Rate.
– Ability/power to print money due to secret agreement long time ago.
– Fiat money paper design outdated (do not respect all people equal but only display famous public seen people).

– The current exchange are set and control by each big national government.
This is no good, the people and private entity should be the one.
IF they do not have any “foreign” currencies to buy any foreign goods services, then they must not buy (including oil, gas). They can walk, bike for transport or use woods to cook.

– The only reason that “limit” ability/power to print money is also because of “exchange rate” and secret agreement between big entities.

So the straight solution to end world conflict is very simple:
– The national government stop “subsidize”/control foreign currencies rate but let the free market flow.
– Each government only focus on control/manage/print their own local national currencies.

Thus you won’t have any world financial conflicts at all.

It is very easy to implementing it instantly with some reason like give people back to the people, everybody are equal, etc.

All new fiat money paper note design will only include neutral object, national places not any famous people image or words/signature, etc.

Which mean the world financial system will return to the point of 100 years ago where exchange rate will be up to each private entity.

Just fix that and do it.
Then how the public want new official international currency or not or any other new things, then “fix” later.
You cannot design a new system that can last for thousand years without any change and more importantly expect the mortal humans that only live to 100 years old can understand and agree with you, it is impossible.

So the best solution now is back to simple, easy way of living. Problem where then fix that place.
If have any new problem then fix that later.

That is the only way to go now, there is absolutely no better strategy than this.

All nations will be equal, then how people trade, exchange with others then it is up to them.

You need to remember the jobs of national government is not about “inflation or economic”, but they only have mission to guide/assist people to grow, to evolve.

I can see the USA or the UK can kick off the Global Currency Reset event.

If you guys need more help/assist, feel free to contact me within the next 7 days.

It is waste of time to overthink or create complicated system or creative solutions with thousand years vision because mortal people just cannot understand it.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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