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Date Posted:21-11-2022 03:42 AMCopy HTML

Do Not Trust Any Nations, Groups, Entities, Beings Because They Are Lying, Deceiving Others

The world is chaos mode because of the animal thinking and behavior from the top secret controllers of each nations.

They only believe in beings with eye seen “proof” such as ability to tell he past, history or able to show some certain super power.

That is the reason why you see the corrupt and chaos world nowadays.

Everybody are equal thus there is absolutely no reason for you to believe in any beings, groups, entities to tell you what you should do because everything can be manipulate even the ghost or spiritual fields.

The only think cannot be manipulated is the truth of life.

Sadly, no any nations believe in that truth.

Too much liars, deceivers in this world and too little honest people.

If you want to save yourself and save your nation, the number rule must be believe in yourself, believe in your own personal thinking, you must live with fairness, honest.

There is absolutely no reason to believe and put all the egg in 1 single basket (here is certain entity, group) because it is not how to world was designed.

It is always co-exist living between human since ancient times, no matter who you are, what is your power you have, all are equal unless you already escape the circle of death and birth.

The world will only become better when nations stop believe in other nations, foreign entity but try to solve their own problem and help their own people.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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