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Date Posted:08-11-2022 07:31 AMCopy HTML

Fusion Currencies Is A Great Solution To End Global Economic Trade War

The only problem with fiat money paper is “trust”.
That is the reason why the US Dollar, Euro are now become the current international currency in almost all kind of cross border transactions.

In theory, any other currency such as Japan Yen, Chinese Yuan, India Rupee, Russia Rub, etc. can replace the US Dollar, Euro to become new world currency with just 1 condition: gaining the trust from the public people and other nations.

The “trust” here is including not only the money itself but also including the ideology, the society system, etc.
Well that is a very complicated issue and will never able to be solved.

Just like animals living under the water “fight” with animals living in the forest, mountain.

You will never able to find a “common” ground and “fair” neutral sweet location that able to “satisfy” both of them. Do not wasting time because all of them only want to choose location that give them some kind of advantage whether nearby the water or mountain.

That’s pretty much similar with the current global currency trade war between nations.
Frankly, there is absolutely no problems at all if they do not chasing for the “world currency title”.

What is a “trust” from any fiat money paper?
The “trust” here do not truly exist because it is just mind manipulation and illusion, it is not real.
But is is more about: “how much fiat money paper in the system ?”.

Some nations printed more fiat money paper than others (the one with communist party or alike due to need pay their workers more).

At international level, if you want to have a new fiat money currency that can gain trust from everyone, then the solution is using fusion merged currencies.

What is Fusion Currencies?
It is a new currency that formed via 2 or more different currencies (from 2 or more nations).
Thus it will basically backed by 2 or more central banks.
Therefore it will gain more “trust” from the public and others.

– 100 US Dollar + 100 Canada Dollar = 100 North American Dollar.
– 1 Russian Rub + 1 Belarus + 1 Kazakh + 1 Kyrgyz +… = 1 Soviet Note.
– 1000 Thai Bath + 1000 Vietnam Dong + 1000 Lao + 1000 Cambodia +….. = 1000 ASEAN Money Paper.
– 10 Saudi Arabia + 10 UAE + 10 Iraq + 10 Iran + etc. = 10 OPEC Oil Gas Coin.

Because of the complex matter, no any current central banks can control the quantity of the new fusion merged currencies at all, since it is all up to the public people.

Only people with all the requirement fiat money paper that will able to trade to the new international fusion merged currency.

Therefore, the quantity will be limited, thus it will gain trust from the public people and other nations.
(Unless all the central banks in a whole group join force to “cheat” the rest, but with current technology and communication media everywhere, I don’t think it can happen.)

The new fusion merged currencies will therefore become new international currencies, thus will be used for all global transactions (unless some secret agreement occur between nations/groups).

You need to remember that in the current system, there is a lot of credit and debit transaction exist, thus even the US Dollar or Euro is not really good at all.

So if the new fusion merged currencies appear, then all of them become cash only currency thus it is nearly impossible to “cheat, manipulate” others.

If want more fun, more trust then you can add some extra bronze, silver, gold, etc. to each new fusion merged currencies.

This is a very complicated project but also a great solution to end global currency war.
It would take time, energy to design that new system and entire project.

But again there is no reason for me to do it without receiving any thing in return, so this article is just a shared idea only.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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