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Date Posted:24-10-2022 06:12 AMCopy HTML

God Just Abandoned The Lawless Capitalism Team And The West

Last several months, there are few big world events occur and the battle between people, groups are still going.

I want to reveal some fact to all of people:
– The North Korea Kim Jong Un did gave a sword to the Russia Putin to attack the Ukraine.
– The public dead of the UK queen and Japan’s prince tell the public that: God no longer “save” and “help” the lawless capitalism group. God here I mean super beings above normal human.

Which mean now the Western world (the Europe, Americas) are running without any real leader or get backed by any super deity (God).

The current battle around oil, gas is all about the current world financial system.
But the real picture is the battle between the Royal family group vs the opposite team.
Or you can say the war between the West vs the East.

It is all about the US Dollar, Euro still becoming the primary currency for most of international trading, despite the fact that those nation have contribute very little to the society last several years.

The game between mortal humans is all about the financial system.

While at the higher level, it is about human development evolution where most people no longer “evolve” or in short the overall society are decline and dying.

With the current pace, the West and the lawless capitalism team will going to doom, collapse, vanish first. Because they only care about money, and don’t spend money wisely to help others.

The last hope for the West now is me the real Messiah.
But they don’t want to believe, they don’t want to contact, to talk, to test, to verify me.
Their ego are too big or they are blocked by illusion fear.

The future is always set by you and other, there are endless possibility.

Best Regard,
The Savior Is You

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