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Date Posted:25-04-2023 03:28 PMCopy HTML

How About New International Individual Currency Or Earth Natural Currency

In the previous article about using climate change as main tool to end the pandemic event, I have talked about public competition for individual one single person/player only to give fair level of playing field.

If you looking back to the current world economy and monetary system, you will notice that there is only 1 single currency type that being used in all kind of transactions and activities.

The truth is that many big companies are using that type of currency to become “richer” for themselves through investment.

So why don’t we have a new currency type designed for international raw Earth material transactions ?!
Raw Earth material here are things can be found in nature without the hand of humans such as gold, silver, bronze, lithium, oil, gas, etc.


So why don’t we have a new currency type designed for only individual person ?!

1. Earth Natural Currency
Within a single nation, it is very difficult to “track, trace” how people using money, currency in a fair way.

But at international affair, it is extremely easy to know how money being use because now when trading cross border, all companies and the people are using the banking system.

You can have an official Earth natural currency designed solely for international trading on Earth natural ingredients materials (such as gold, silver, bronze, steel, oil, gas, etc.).

You could have only 1 currency for this entire civilization or can have few natural currencies for each continent (Asia, Europe, Americas, Africa, Oceania).

2. International Individual Currency

Who able to use that currency freely without any restriction?
Only individual person.
They can buy, sell trade with each other

How about company, group?
They only allow to receive that new type of currency from customer and pay salary or giveaway to individual real person only.
They are not allowed using that money to invest into any other company.

You should have several currencies in this type for each regions or continents.

This is a very complex project and big vision that require high level mindset able to fully understand. So I don’t go deep into this one more for I do not receive any donation or get paid to do that job.

If any group, beings, entities want to talk, debate with me, then feel free to do it while I am still online and still have some desire motivation left.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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