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Date Posted:19-03-2023 10:38 AMCopy HTML

How To Defeat “Money Addicted” Disease In The Society

Since the appear of currency (such as gold, silver, bronze long time ago) to the current money paper, the number society issue of any nation is the “money addicted” disease.

Many people are chasing for money without care anything about the law or behavior because they think money can buy everything including the government officer.

The truth is money cannot buy everything, they can only buy “low level” products services, money cannot buy happiness, money cannot buy moral, money cannot buy behavior, money cannot buy intelligence, money cannot buy talent, money cannot buy the future, etc.

How to defeat the “money addicted” disease?

Step 1: You must create a new nonprofit special currency.

Step 2: Find the specific niche/market that the current fiat money cannot offer.

Step 3: Design the system from management to issue the new special currency.

Step 4: Introduce, promote the new currency to the society.

1. It is very easy to create new worthless currency either via digital form and/or paper note.
So not worth to talk here.

2. What specific market the current fiat money cannot offer?
It is the future in hard moment such as in middle of the big earthquake like the Turkey Syria recently, like the war in Ukraine Russia, like the COVID pandemic or natural disaster, etc.

When in that extremely difficult condition, all the current fiat money are useless/worthless because there is no seller because the society/nation is gone/dead !

So it is very possible to create a new product called as “future insurance” that only be used with the new nonprofit currency.

What more market?
Well charity, donation, volunteer work or any good society contribution.
But the special currency issuer must give it random and based on the “quality” of that acts.

3. When come to the design system then you can have both digital and paper form.
With the digital you can have 2 tier:
– Tier 1: special currency obtained by own individual (not allow to send/share/sell with anyone).
– Tier 2: normal nonprofit currency can be obtained via various way.

So in hard condition, the priority number to give help/assist will be specific currency Tier 1 to specific Tier 2 to random.

Of you people can using fiat money paper to exchange for tier 2 specific currency.
But with tier 1 special currency, the people can only obtain via their own talent, own real life contribution to the society through their works, their act.

The special money paper will be the same.
The new tier 1 will receive/have the real owner name on each special notes.

While with the normal tier 2, there won’t be any specific symbol.

Then from then you can have a lot of new features, new project to encourage people to live better, live with more motivation, objective, etc.

In order to make it work globally, then you total number of new nonprofit currency must be from 1 to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (maximum), based on current world geography.

4. The introduction of the new nonprofit special currency will be very easy, not worth to mention.

Above are the overall idea, strategy from me The Savior.
I could dig more and spend more time but not worth because if my idea do not get approved it is just waste of time.

Feel free to send, share this idea to all entities/beings, but just only for reading.
While if you want to use my idea, then you must seek my permission.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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