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Date Posted:25-04-2023 02:27 AMCopy HTML

How To Gain Good Karma Of Spiritual Field In A Safe Way

If you want to gain good karma of spiritual field so high level beings/entities can help, assist you when you needed (for whatever reason such as protection or guide you in your ascension journey), then there are very little correct safe way.

Some WRONG ways such as give people free foods, give people free money, basically give people free stuffs.

The most safe way is give people knowledge wisdom through book, video, courses.
But you must not give it for free but you should charge them something even just $1 dollar.

Sometimes giving free stuff is gain good positive karma but sometimes it will gain bad negative karma. So if you want play safe then do not give free stuff at all.

The reasons are:
- People only “treasure” things they bought.
- People do not care much about free stuff.
- Money is a neutral energy to connect but also to protect you in the transactions.
- The root problem of all the people is lack of knowledge, wisdom, information, guide.

But what information, what knowledge the people truly need is another big question.

If you cannot create content, then the best way for you to do is co-operating with the creators who know what they are doing but lack of something.
Example: myself.
I can create many great book to help, assist the public people but I am lacking of something due to my living location are not supported by some big companies, thus I just cannot choose my favorite route way.

But no any beings/entities contact me for those kind of real humanity project.

The people, the mortal controllers still living with animal mindset and behaviour.
The royal families are too bad, they only want to “total control” over others but did not realize that co-exist in equal way is the only correct method.
They did not want to pay me money but only me to sell book at cheap price just to help their regime. How freaking stupid and idiots.

So if any of you who want to work with me for the book project to gain good karma, you can contact me as soon as possible when I still have desire motivation to do. I have already publish 4 books but still have many other great books not yet published.

You can find me at channel chatroom
Or any other way in my personal blog.

Do not miss this chance to gain good karma in the most safe way!

Bets Regard,
The Savior

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