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Date Posted:12-07-2023 02:44 PMCopy HTML

How To Spot Bad Corrupt Beings Team Entity In This Society

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There are a lot of bad stupid beings team entity who are try to deceive, take advantage of others in the current society.
Only they know what is the real objective/goal behind, it could be either for financial or spiritual gain.

You should avoid and stay away from all those corrupt beings group entities at all cost (if you do not have power to destroy them, otherwise just destroy all of them like animal).

Here are some of the signal you should remember and know:
– They fear to compete, do not want to do any cost but only prefer lie deceive others via words talk only.
– They only talk say about love, mediate and often using words message from celebrity famous beings in history.
– They will try to tell how familiar you with your group/team.
– They will tell how great they are, basically all kind words message to deceive you.
– They have animal mindset, only good at “memory” but do not have creative ability.
– They cannot give out new creative working solution for the world problem or any macro problem.
– The will try everything to recruit them into their team.

If you really a good player in this game of life then I highly recommend you stay away from all beings, groups who cannot give out any idea, any strategy of how the world chaos will end and/or how to evolve as individual personal player.

The sad things in this society and number one reason why the world are still in chaos is because there are too many bad corrupt beings group entities who are try to deceive, take advantage of others and live with animal mindset.

The world will become much better place if those stupid corrupt entities gone but sadly people do not aware of that.

Feel free to share this message to all your friends, groups and make donation to me if you think above information are great !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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