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Date Posted:24-10-2022 04:58 AMCopy HTML

Human Development Evolution Is About Helping People Become More Intelligent

The only way to make the entire society and civilization become better is increase the intelligence of overall people.

Many people in human management department already know the role of the authority is about human development evolution but they not yet know what exactly is that.

Human development evolution in fact is all about helping the people become more intelligent.

But what exactly is real intelligent is another question.

In order to “cultivate intelligent” and have better idea, solution, plan for any policy, you need to know what exactly is human intelligence first.

I have analyze, create and ask various questions and have all answer for myself.
Now I will give you some hint with list of questions below:
– Why men often “smarter” than women, the clear example are the boss, leaders usually lead by men?
– Why some people don’t listen, some people listen but ignore, some people listen then study learn?
– Where do the “fear” of human come from such as fear lack of money/food, fear of war, fear of disease, fear of test exam, etc.?
– Why teaching kids on many subjects including both theory and active physical exercise often easier than adult?
– Is there any connection between “memory space” in brain and human intelligence?

If you can have correct answer for all above questions then you will know the true secret of human intelligence and how to truly “cultivate” it, thus you will have much better idea of what policy you should make for the public citizens.

Real human intelligent is not about remember information others gave you but about how to “cultivate”, how to raise “common sense”, how to become “leader” that can lead others.

Some people, beings, entities will prefer finding it own answer.
But in order to save time, I will giving you quick short answer is all about human real life exercise and experience from childhood to adult that make people whether “stupid” or “smart” person.

When you know the true secret of human intelligence, then you will able to cultivate it and become smarter !

Best Regard,
The Savior Is You

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