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Date Posted:01-04-2023 01:41 PMCopy HTML

I The Savior Is Selling The New Project Digital Nonprofit Currency
I am the original creator of the idea nonprofit currency money.

Now I have a great project call as “digital nonprofit currency” in my hand.
The most important is the working mechanism and database structure for that great project is done in my mind.

The new digital nonprofit currency is something very special that not yet exist in any nation of this civilization.

I want to sell it for quick cash of minimum 1 million USD/Euro since I need money at the moment.

It is possible for me to seek venture capital or partnership and do the project on my own but it would takes a lot of times and require a lot of connections, those requirements are not in my favor due to difficult personal situation and location.

The goal of this project is educating people more about currency money in the economy. Instead of receiving “free”, people now will need to pay something in return but that new currency money is worthless in the society.

Because of technology, it is very easy to design a perfect system with functions, restrictions for a truly nonprofit currency purpose.

The biggest mistake of cryptocurrency in general is they have no clue what they are doing and they are trying to replace the central bank controlled by humans, which not going to happen.

My digital nonprofit currency project will go viral and will destroy all the currency cryptocurrencies on the market such as Bitcoin Ethereum and will be accepted in many nations if it ever come online.

This offer will last for the next 14 days from now and will end on 15th April 2023.

If any of you interested in this project and offer, feel free to contact me.

I cannot reveal everything since business is always secret.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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