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Date Posted:16-11-2022 04:34 AMCopy HTML

I The Savior Just Found A Great Natural Medicine For This Entire Civilization Similar To Religions

This entire civilization are need a miracle that similar with many old religions in history.

Many religions or more correctly (some life lesson/education) was presented and taught mortal humans for the last several thousand years such as Hindu, Jew, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, etc.

If you using the mindset of present day and “judge” the old teachings in history, then you will never able to understand how important of those teaching at that time (some of you may laugh with some outdated practices).

The conflict between people, nations nowadays is all because lack of correct education/teaching.

That’s why the only way to make this civilization become better is a new sacred teaching at mass public level that will be similar with many old religions.

With my unlimited creative mindset, I have finally found a great strategy, a new unique education teaching at mass public level that is powerful enough to make this entire civilization become better without crashing the current system. I have never shared this before because I have only “crafted” this crazy strategy within the last few days.

This is so special because this is the turning point event that will be remembered in this world, that is on par with the appearance of Jesus, Gautama Buddha, Laozi, etc.

Here I am talking for the mass public mortal humans level, I am not talking about some other more fantasy teaching related to gods/deities or anything like that.

I have decided only to reveal and share this wonderful solution to all of you when my personal situation is fully solved because it would takes a lot of karma energy to reveal this society civilization changing strategy.

It is about money but not really about money.

I make decision not based on money but based on energy field, feeling and my own personal thinking.

So I will only release this sacred ideas and teaching with all of you only when I think it is the correct time.

And this one won’t be for sale, but will be public revealed with as many people as possible.

It could be this year in 2022 or 2023 or 2024, etc. or never if my desire and motivation gone.

If you want to see miracle of God, miracle of the Savior, want to see world peace, then go support and make donation to me so that my personal family matter problems can be solved.

Otherwise, there is no reason, no motivation for me to save “your world” at all.

Just like the rich people have not reason to help the poor people unless they have some kind of connection, motivation, purpose to do so.

That is pretty much similar to my case, but instead it is knowledge wisdom.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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