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Date Posted:01-04-2023 01:40 PMCopy HTML

I The Savior Looking For Some Serious Business With Top Secret Groups Royal Families

It is the Savior from ancient prophecies again.
I have some great materials want to “trade” or put on the table to discuss with top secret groups, royal families, governments.
But I am lacking of direct connection and communication info.
So I really hope you the reader and any secret service/agents can help me send this important messages to them.

The materials I want to put on the table:
– Book “New Creation New Society New World”.
– Book “Become World Champion With Secret Crazy Method Strategy”.
– Book “The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love”.
– Book “Extend Longevity Live Longer With Common Sense”. (not yet on mainstream market but overall will help mortal humans able to live to 500+ years old)
– The new digital nonprofit noncommercial currency project. (real digital currency with feature that only exist in technology, cannot be found in physical currency like gold, silver, fiat money paper)

I want to trade for some money because I urgent need some cash at the moment.

I really do not know the price of each product so I prefer to put it in the secret auctions market.

If receive some fair trade then I willing to share the idea for free to all entities with the conditions only using for humanity non-commercial purpose (or any kind related to commercial purpose) and it must come under some kind of “anonymous name”, not allow any entities to take credit.

This offer will valid till 16th April 2023.

Beside above products/materials, I can also create whatever products for any purpose including super power, ability to how to create more jobs in the society, etc.

If you interested in any things or have any question, feel free to contact me as soon as possible.

If you know or have any connections with top secret groups, royal families, etc. please send this message to them as soon as possible.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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