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Date Posted:13-12-2022 06:08 AMCopy HTML

I The Savior Messiah Buddha Will Disappear From Internet Due To Lack Of Finance, Motivation Next 7 Days

Hi all,
For the last 5 years I have tried to give you guys free knowledge wisdom, unique ideas solutions to help this society and this civilization without request or demand anything especially about finance, wealth and money.

But I can no longer able to do that kind of works due to 2 reasons: lack of finance and motivation.

Do you know that for the last 12 months, I do not even have money to buy foods, items or finance to travel to other location to observe the people?

Even now when I want to do a new project to help the people via sharing sacred, new knowledge wisdom of life to help this civilization evolve and help the people ascend/raise their level, I just do not have enough money to do that, and the amount of money all I need now is only about $2000 US Dollar, Euro only.

If I know the truth of money and life then you would not want to make any money at all because making money is mostly involve is take advantage of others for personal gain.

My personal situation and my family issue is too big for me to bear and have free mind to continue to the this job of sharing information, knowledge, wisdom to the public people including both free and paid.

So I have finally decide to completely go offline and disappear from the internet if I do not receive minimum of $2000 US Dollar/Euro for the next 7 days or 168 hours Earth time (the date is 20/12/2022 December 20th 2022).

I just cannot live and act like an angel anymore because nobody around me understand that high level language because they only believe in money and wealth are everything.

If you guys truly want to help me and the society and then you must make donation to me within the next 168 hours because I am the most high level players on the current Earth life game that able to freely speech and have endless new creative strategy, idea, solution for any problems on this chaos civilization.

You can order/exchange money for my sacred books that have minimum karma requirement of only $5000 Euro/US Dollar.

Or you can make donation to me via various ways:
– Via Bank Card:

Via Cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin BTC



Etherum ETH



Litecoin LTC



Digibyte DGB



BitcoinCash BCH






Zcash ZEC



Tron TRX



If I do not receive enough money/funds of about $2000 US Dollar/Euro by the date 20/12/2022 December 20th 2022 (within 7 days from now), then this will be my final post/article on the internet, I will no longer online to help, to share any more information, ideas, knowledge, wisdom to the public under any circumstance.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Whatever Name

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Re:I The Savior Messiah Buddha Will Disappear From Internet Due To Lack Of Finance, Motivation Next 168 Hours

Date Posted:18-12-2022 08:39 AMCopy HTML

So about 48 - 72 hours before my final deadline. As much as I want to help all of you but without money, I cannot buy foods, items I like and want for the ultimate final project "Make Human God Again". All the ideas, contents are all set in my mind but lack of motivation due to my family issue with a family funeral that strike directly in my heart. Frankly, even with 1 billions dollar, I still doubt I can get over it. But still give it a try to the rest of the people in this society ! Regard, The Savior
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Re:I The Savior Messiah Buddha Will Disappear From Internet Due To Lack Of Finance, Motivation Next 168 Hours

Date Posted:22-12-2022 10:16 AMCopy HTML

Bye all ! Lack of finance to pay off debt so no reason, no motivation to share anymore ideas/solutions or knowledge wisdom of life to the public. Such a shame that rich people, secret controllers prefer keep money instead of "invest" in the "potential Messiah". So the next 24 hours will be my final moment on the internet and maybe even in this world. Bye ! The Savior Messiah Buddha
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