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Date Posted:22-05-2023 10:57 AMCopy HTML

I The Savior Will Reveal A New Social Media Platform That Will Defeat All If Receive Fair Donation

All of the current digital online social media platform are outdated and terrible.
As far as I know, there are many billions dollar/euro was and are pouring in this industry of digital online social media platform but still without any kind of success.

Here I am talking about all the platform from both the East and West such as twitter, facebook, weibo, reddit, youtube, tiktok, etc.

I as an outsider, also as the real Savior have a great brand new digital online social media platform on my mind at the moment.
And I strongly believe it will easily defeat and destroy all the current online social media platform at the moment.

But the problem is that I am living in a 3rd world country with very low reputation, thus cannot setup any new big international company/startup to make that become reality.

I also do not want waste my time, my energy without receiving anything worthy in return just like many of my previous works such as my books, my courses, my projects.

The most clear example is my new “pay as you will” marketplace that no any entities want to pay me any moment. There is a big possibility they will steal my idea and claim as their own.

With all of my terrible personal experience so far, I have decide that I will only reveal a new digital online social media platform if receive fair amount of donation.

The amount of donation I am looking for is $8600 USD.

And that amount is just for the information online, not including the license/permission because I prefer to do auction whether private or public rather than giving a fixed amount right now.

All I can promise is that my new platform will take a brand new vision and approach unlike all the current platform one, thus it will be completely unique.

Due to my personal situation and lack of desire/motivation so I will only wait for next 6 days (May 28th 2023).
If I receive that desired amount of donation, then I will reveal my new social media platform (the working operating mechanism in general) before the end of this month May 2023.

While after that deadline of May 28th 2023 (28 – 05 – 2023), most likely I will go offline with my new society life changing social media platform.

License/permission will be a different subject and thus require more agreement.

I also do believe my new digital online social media platform will go viral and have billion(s) users and should be worth no less than any top current social media platform at the moment.

I want to show the whole world that I am the smartest player/person of this mortal human game badly.
All I need is a fair “playing ground” to show my talent so please support me !

Feel free to share/send this great letter, information to all beings/entities.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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