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Date Posted:21-05-2023 01:01 PMCopy HTML

I The Savior Will Stop Assist Help This Society Civilization Very Soon
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Hi all,
I the real Savior legend from ancient prophecies where be called as the Messiah, Mahdi, Maitreya, Kalki, Christ, Buddha, etc.

I have tried to help assist this society civilization for over last 5 years.
But nobody seems really care at all.
They called me fraud without verifying/checking/testing !
While I have said I can only verify my identity via real life competition or physical in-person meeting.

I have also given many signal of words, messages, books, ideas that very unique, great and many of them cannot be found anywhere in this society civilization.

The top mortal secret controllers prefer to pay millions billions for useless puppet leaders who cannot produce any real goods, products, services that can help assist the public people than paying small amount of money to me for real well done finished books/products/ideas/project.

Due to lack of funds (connection energy) and especially the motivation, desire, I have decide to stop help assist this society civilization very soon (could be in this month of May 2023 or maximum next month June 2023).

I could make an official public announcement or not (does not matter).
When that time come, not only I will investigate all the beings/entities who was toy/play/attack me within last 5 years but also destroy all of them without any kind of mercy.

If the Bible and many old ancient scripture already tell you many historic flood that can destroy many nations and even civilizations then you must not bet against me and the Gods team who have fully know, understand, master the secret hidden eternal rule of life.

I am not going to change, reserve my decision unless found some enough money funds (connection energy) and desire motivation to help assist this society/civilization.

This message is the warning but also last hope for you, your friend, your nation.

I have enough with this corrupt, stupid beings entities in this society civilization.
I cannot, no longer wait help assist this civilization anymore.

Feel free to send this message/letter to all top government, secret controllers, influence beings/entities in this society.
This is their final chance to make their wise decision or many of them will gone vanish soon.

I am not going to bear the deep internal pain that inside my body.
It is better to give up, to stop and let super gods/deities to come to clean this stupid corrupt civilization.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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