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Date Posted:15-03-2023 10:37 AMCopy HTML

If Global Currency Conflict Do Not End In April 2023 Then It Will Be 100% Nuclear War

I have finally shared the final puzzle of this grand world conflict between nations especially around the international currencies war.

Both of my brand new solution/vision in my newest book “The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love” are very good and can easily implement in real life (if only care about economic).

They are all 100% fiat money paper and do not have any natural resources involved.

I do not think there are any better idea/solution than mine because my solution my strategy can work for many hundreds if not thousands year to come since it has both the feature of “creation” and “destruction”.

I have sent the email and download link to many entities and to top 3 biggest nations at the moment already. But due to the sensitive I have set multi layer of passwords and require military grade software to able to “unlock” and read the content/document inside.

After the next couple of days, if things do not get better (either I do not receive any contact from any top organization or do not receive any donation), then I will put it on mainstream big market for sale so all entities can obtain it as long as they have some money.

After that future point, I will fully free and have no hidden debt left with this civilization. Thus I will able to do my stuff I prefer later and do not need to care much about the rest of the society for I have gave everything, every possible strategy/policy/solution to end the world conflict about international currency war.

Because I knew from the very beginning that it is not about high-end knowledge but the real root problem is how to “manage” the normal public people.
That’s the reason I have declined to make easy money via selling educated books/courses.

If my vision my strategy are not good enough and cannot stop war in April 2023, then it will be 100% nuclear war from May 2023.

But I still believe my information I have shared in the book are the “knowledge insurance” about international financial system which all entities especially the military of all nations are waiting for.

If you still not able to read the book, then you can obtain the book at .

It is not a typical knowledge you can found on any school but a brand new vision, new looking about how you should treat the economic.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy – Bodhi Udumbara


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