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Date Posted:23-11-2022 02:00 PMCopy HTML

If I Was US President, I Would Give An Offer To Iran: Change The Regime For Economy Sanction Remove

The Iran now is a great trouble, the protest against their regime, government & authority are too much and in too many cities.

It is a huge opportunity here to kick off the world financial reset too.

Despite the fact that the military mean everything.

But the government structure of the Iran are outdated and their ideology are too old too.

The government should only encourage people in term of “dressing, cloth”, they just cannot give forces or laws.

So if I was the US president, what I would do now is having an offer to Iran nation: remove financial economic sanctions if they can have big regime change that respect the people life and they still allow to hold their nuclear weapon (only allow to self defense, not allow to attack any nation).

And a big regime change here mean the new government structure to new fiat money paper design that respect everybody too.

It is too for Iran and also good for the USA because the US can remove 1 big problem in the Middle East.

There are many government structures for the Iran to choose (including the exist one and the brand new never seen one).

And frankly, the Iran military will agree too, they just cannot resist that huge lucrative offer (unless they are not normal humans).

The similar rules apply to the United State government too, unless they are full corrupt otherwise there is no reason not do it.

Trouble, chaos bring opportunity too.
That is a great way to start the global currency reset/evolution event.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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