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Date Posted:19-11-2022 03:35 AMCopy HTML

If The Wars Do Not End Before 2023, Then Many Big People, Entities Will Vanish

All kind of wars like such as the virus pandemic, military weapon wars must end before the begin of 2023, so about 40 days from now.

That is the divine deadline or all the big people, entities who “support” those wars will die and vanish by the unseen forces.

The big reason is the perfect solution to end those wars between nations, people have been shared by me the Savior.

The truth and secret is that the top super controllers who really control current society is the one that are reflect my personal thinking and living.

I am not talking about the mortal humans but the eternal super beings with many super power super abilities like in some famous movies.

Frankly even the beings/entities who give you guys orders are just “working, acting, doing” according that eternal spirit.

Many top secret societies, high level beings/entities will die and vanish if they do not listen to me.

I do not yet have SEEN super power super ability but I am just telling you the way of God just like giving out “prediction”.

It is very easy to “tell, describe” to “past” of any person but for what?
And it does not help the “future” or the “present”.

If you have any connection with all top big people, big entities, secret entities, groups, governments, then tell them to check out, listen, talk with me the self-claimed Savior, or many of them will die and vanish via divine force.

You cannot live like animals, you must live with personal thinking and feeling of God or you will vanish !

I am pretty much done with all the theory, solution for the world conflicts and I do not want to show more about personal evolution teaching/lesson since they are too much for all of you to handle.

Very few people can understand me, so it is pointless to craft more information.

In most cases, money cannot solve the problem and I don’t like money either but the people around me need money to solve the problems in the corrupt society, that is why I am not going to waste more time.

I don’t like to give out warnings, but if you do not support, listen and get behind me when I truly need, then all of you going to die, collapse, vanish via the divine forces !

Feel free to share this article, message to all of your friends, groups, teams.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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