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Date Posted:25-10-2022 12:33 PMCopy HTML

Instead Of Raising Money Interest Rate, The Government Must Create New Business To Reduce Inflation

Recently I have read that many central banks around the world are raising their interest rate for various reasons but mostly involve with inflation.

The old playbook raising money interest rate is not the way to go in 2020s.

I am not going to discuss whether inflation is “good” or “bad” because it is up to each personal individual view.

You need to understand that national government is just a big organization have much more power, advantage than any other normal company.
Thus they have huge opportunity to do big business to receive more money from the public citizens.

Now most national government only using tax and money interest rate as their tool to “receive” money from the citizens.

There are a lot of new unique business field and a lot of strategy that have national government bring more money from the society.
The unique business here is something that no any private company can offer to the public people.
But I just don’t see any of them are doing at all !

If I was in charge of any national government, I would easily create more new unique business such as:
– Provide new title on national identity card or passport ID for any citizen who contribute money to help the government to pay the debt.
Since there are always some kind of average debt per citizen in each nation.
So whoever donate a mount that = average debt per person at the time will receive a new status on national ID or passport card a title such as “National Economy Hero”.

– Becoming neutral referee for the physical sport gambling between people.
This is where the gambler also become the player of the match.
Each player will need to pay a fixed amount of fee such as 5% to 10% of total gambling, so the authority will receive 10-20% every match.
The military can become the neutral referee of the match.

– Selling the disaster, disease insurance.
But instead of receive money, the citizen who have the insurance will guaranteed that when any disease like COVID happen again, they will have priority of receiving free foods, drink and a place a stay (depend on the package and also the duration).

Here who buy insurance will only receive the “priority” over others and the insurance only have value when some kind of big disaster, disease occur.

If want to go hard, you can create fear such as the insurance have value even if fiat money become worthless.

Want to receive more money from even foreign people, then have the package for all outside foreigners as well.

Well above are just some easy new creative methods to legit receive money money from the public people from all around the world. And it will works in all nations that I can guarantee !

If you think they are good, feel free to donate me big money so I can have motivation and free time to craft more methods, more new unique business to “balance” between the government and the public people, to change the weapon military era to the peace action era.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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