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Date Posted:25-11-2022 10:25 AMCopy HTML

Instead Of Support Ukraine, The US & Western Europe Better Spend Money To Seek New Idea, Solution

Instead of spending little money like 1 billion USD/Euro to hold contest, competition to seek new idea, solution for the world financial system problem, they are funding Ukraine war with billions.

What a bunch of stupid, dump people !

The most value things in life is knowledge, wisdom not the stupid illusion touch physical gold, money, diamond or anything like that !

If you think ideas, knowledge must be shared for free rather spend money, then you are the most stupid idiots people with animal mindset !

People have spent thousands dollar for music concert ticket or video games, app, etc. which just does not help them become smarter person at all.
While many books have price very cheap (less than 100 dollar) compare to above those things, but many of them are useful because they give people new ideas, new direction, new path way in life.

Back to the global international conflicts new groups, nations, the US & the Western Europe better start the global currency reset already, they are wasting time and are dying because of their weak leaders who only want to “dominant” others rather than finding a neutral solution that works for all people.

At the end of the day, control over others do not help them to become better person or evolve either !

The more time pass, their people their secret private leaders will vanish and die.

Even I want to help them but could not because they all refused my invitation.

What a stupid people group !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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