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Date Posted:10-11-2022 09:54 AMCopy HTML

Instead Of Taiwan, China Should Move Into South China Sea To Force Others Official Accept Territory

The best move to change the China destiny for the better is not via attacking Taiwan but move their military into South China Sea, then make attack all the small islands of Vietnam, Philippines, and force all those nations OFFICIAL accept these islands belong to China territory.

There is a huge difference between official and non-official, between accepting via the media and inform to the public citizen vs the secret private way.

There is absolutely no reason for China to attack Taiwan with big population while they can attack smaller easier target but still able to change the destiny for the better.

Although I am living in that region, but I don’t like the corruption and cheating of those stupid Vietnamese politicians, too corrupt, if just only about money, wealth then it does not matter but when it involved in real human life, then they totally crossed the red line and are well deserved to be punishment.

Do not fear any stupid beings with any weapons.

If China need my support then all you need to do is making big donation to me, so I can help you defeat the spirit zone of whatever beings easily. You need to remember that there is no any beings “stronger” than me that are still care and play in this game of life, I am very serious.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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