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Date Posted:19-03-2023 04:32 AMCopy HTML

Introduce New NonProfit Giveaway Currency


The content/information below are from the book “The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love”, only allow to read.

The moral of many people are too low, many only think the only way to make money is via “profit” by using the “buy low sell high” strategy in various forms in life.

All the current money that issued by national government are the “profit” currency in my opinion.

There is a big room, a big untapped market for the new Nonprofit Giveaway currency/money because those market cannot be used for normal typical profit currency.

So what are they?
They are the soon to be throw away items/products/services such as nearly expired dates foods/drinks, the empty seat on the train/airplane or cinema/stadium, the empty room hotel/resort, the old computing software, games that are no longer for sales, etc.

The mechanism of new nonprofit giveaway currency
It will be full 100% nonprofit project.
First: only individual personal will receive the money/currency.

Second: the company/business will able to provide their soon to be worthless/throw away products/services in the new non-profit giveaway currency.

In order to make it truly work there must be some basic rules to restrict the exchange with the current fiat money paper such as:
– Only allow individual person to exchange it for fiat money paper.
– Do not allow company to sell/exchange it to the market but the only way for them to “use” those new nonprofit currency is give to their employees.
– No any tax apply for holding/buying the new nonprofit currency/money.
– All companies are not allowed to have any commercial business related with the new nonprofit giveaway currency.


What would happen if there is a new nonprofit giveaway currency/money appear in real life?
– Educate people about money is not everything in life, there are other way to obtain products/services via nonprofit currency, thus the desire to make money via all “dirty” trick will be reduced. The people now can/must focus more about moral in living.

– Help people can obtain the soon to be worthless items/services without any social image/barrier.

– Give companies new way of rewarding their employees.

– Save the wasteful products, thus will save the environment directly.

– Reduce the inflation in the society because the new nonprofit giveaway money will become a new investment object.

– People who with a lot of the new nonprofit giveaway money will feel more happy, less worry about money in life.

The list of benefit are endless.
It is also very safe to implement this idea/project because it is nonprofit and do not have any direct link with the current world financial system.

But the benefits for the people, for the society will be enormous.

This solution are well worthy to considered.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy – Bodhi Udumbara

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