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Date Posted:02-11-2022 04:05 AMCopy HTML

Introducing New Visit Land Permission Notes & International Crisis Protection Insurance Program

A lot of wrong thing going on in this society.
All national governments from around the world are running out of money and have negative budget number.

There is no reason the West must take refugees from the third world countries.

There is no reason for all low developing countries provide free visit permission for the citizens come from rich nations.

So all nations should join together and create new “things” to make life more interesting and also save themselves.

There are 2 great new things which they can create now:
1. Region Land Visiting Permission Notes.
2. International Crisis Protection Insurance Program.

Region Land Visiting Permission Notes
Now there is absolutely no common fee beside the money in order to get visa and travel to other nations (depend on each national passport).

The “Land Visiting Permission Notes” will be issued by group of nations to the society in various ways from direct selling to via public competition.

There could be continent, region, zone like Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas for each land visiting permission notes.
The land visiting permission notes could come in form of point or token.

Each nation will have different requirement number for each group or each individual person depend on their ideology, thinking.

So from now in order to visit any country, all people are required: visa + land visiting permission notes.

It will open for a lot of new combination and possibilities such as:
– People can visit other nations without visa but with the land visiting permission notes (as long as meet the requirement).

– All the passport visa-free now will no longer truly free because they must also have land visiting permission notes.

– The new land visiting permission notes will have no true value but will be a new high demand popular “goods” on the market and will be extremely value.

– The authority, government can print endless these regional land vising permission notes without worry about inflation. But in order to make it right, then group of nations must print and issue it in a smart and elegant manner.

– All nations, all people will equal from now because there is no direct free access to any nations no matter who you are, what is your society class/power, etc. all are required the land visiting notes.

International Crisis Insurance Protection Program
What all the normal insurance companies cannot provide is the uncertain future involve in mega disaster, society crisis, war, etc.
That is where the military and national government will shire and have ability to truly help the people.

There is no reason for any nations to accept refugees from other regions at all cost.
No any nations can accept all the economic migrants or even the real refugees because there are too much people.

The fact is that there are billions people are needed to help in this current society.
So the need for a real global transparency system of refugees system is real.

Let’s be straight and frank with yourself.

When big crisis appear such as real disease pandemic, natural disaster, physical weapon war, etc. how you can “choose” which people you are going to help and in what quantity?

There is absolutely no metric at all.

So group of close allies nations (especially the military forces) should come together and provide new “international crisis insurance protection program”.

There is no need for me to explain what an insurance program is with you since they are too popular.

But instead of providing “money” in the case of the incident appear, the authority & military now only promise to provide real basic foods, drinks, shelters for most case. They can have luxury items for the super rich too.

It is not free, and people must to pay some kind of fee in order to obtain and join the international crisis insurance protection program.

It is a very open subject and will take a lot of time to design about the system and I do not get paid or time/desire to create it and also each group in each region have it own ideology and own situation as well.

Above are 2 great new things, new unique ideas will make the society more fair, more equal, more balance to all the people from all nations.

It does not “crash” and conflict with the current system but will make life more interesting, more fun.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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