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Date Posted:19-11-2022 01:10 PMCopy HTML

It Is Easy To Create A New Social Media Platform That Will Much Better Than Those Current Ones

All kind of current social media platform are not good and outdated.

What Donald Trump and Elon Musk are doing with the Truth Social and Twitter only show they are running out of ideas and how no clue how to defeat the BOT.
While the Facebook with the stupid Metaverse is like trying to kill the people in that limited world instead of helping the people.

If you ask what could be the next generation of social media and how the social media platform can become “better” and help more people, then my answer is very simple: competition make perfection !

I have spent a few hours today to think about a new social media platform structure and working mechanism. And I have found a brand new idea one that will easily destroy all the current existing social media platform.

But due to lack of connection with this society, so I will keep it private in my world, it is pointless to share new ideas while receiving absolutely nothing in return just like many new unique ideas, solutions, information I have shared last 12 months and beyond that.

If any entities want to “cooperate” with me on new social media platform project, then I can share that new ideas.

Because I want to make it surprise for the public people too and I don’t want any unfair entities can take advantage of it.

I can quick reveal with you that, in my vision that new social media platform will educate people both directly and indirect way about everything in life and defeat all the BOT easily !

If you know any people, groups, beings want that interested in, then you can tell them as soon as possible while I am still online.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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