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Date Posted:24-10-2022 06:27 AMCopy HTML

Japan, Taiwan, South Korea Should Form A New East Asia Union Alliance To Conquer The Region

Be realistic, there is absolutely no way for the North Korea and the South Korea to unify and become 1 single nation under the flag of Korea, the same similar challenge apply to the case of China and Taiwan too.

And now you have the Russia war with Ukraine.
You need to understand Russia can only go war with Ukraine because the Russians get supported from the North Korea and China.

The Russia will stop the war against Ukraine instantly if both the China and North Korea see some kind of new potential significant benefit.

How about a big new East Asia Union Alliance which like the USA or EU but operating better?

There is no way for all current national government from China, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Japan can come together due to the fact that they have different interested and their big ego.

But the new title East Asia Union Alliance can still able become reality if it have completely new government structure and rules of operating.
You can say it is just or normal Union Alliance or a new Kingdom or new nation, does not matter because it is just the illusion name/title.

In order to make it unique and not like the USA or European Union, then is should have some features like:
+ Military
– Each state will have it own military.
– Each state not allowed to attack with each other under any circumstance.
– Protect each others when one state got attacked from outside enemy but only when the “attacked” state approve to receive military support that come from other state.
– All conflict about border/land must be settled via either dialogue and/or via sport competitions.

+ Economy
– Free trade between all state in the Union Alliance, no any tariff.
– Only using local national currencies that issued by authority backed by the state in the Union Alliance for all kind of trading within such as Korean Won, Japan Yen, etc.
– Each state have it own power to decide which person they allow to come in from other states including travel, visit, business but recommend provide free travel for all citizens in the Union Alliance.
– Each state have it own power to have new local currency.

+ Language, Culture, Politics
– People from any region are allow to setup their own state via voluntary voting. The military/police are not allow to “deny” their desire.
– Each state must have an official language (speaking and writing are separate) that are come from traditional, not allow “borrow” from other region/nation outside.
– New member can only join the Union, Alliance if all the current states agree.

With above framework, the elders from many states, ethnic group in the East Asia region will would love to support and join the new Union Alliance.

Many parts of current China such as Macao, Hong Kong, Tibet, Mongol, etc. will become new small “nation” but under the tag of state (at least in term of economy).

Beside China, Japan, Korea, the new East Asia Union Alliance can have new members from the ASEAN such as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, etc.

Given the current world geopolitics, it is very easy for the Japan, Taiwan, South Korea come together and setup that new Union Alliance to protect each other from any potential danger from the North Korea and China.

If the USA and the West want to save the Ukraine, stop the war and have better world, then they should allow the North Korea join this new alliance union for free trade.

I do believe this is the best way to stop the war between nations and will open the new era on Earth.

You need to remember all the title such as nation, country, state, etc. are just illusion name only.

The only thing matter is how the people live and the “society system mechanism”.

And the new East Asia Union Alliance above is a brand new government structure version of how each group/state and work together in the weaponless era.

Of course this is just a new brief solution, the full detail of the rules can easily setup later if the top authority controllers agree this strategy.

Feel free to share this message to all the beings, groups, governments, organizations.

Best Regard,
The Savior Is You

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