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Date Posted:06-11-2022 07:47 AMCopy HTML

List Of New Currency Types, Features That Will Get Accepted By Top Authorities

If you want to create a new currency in the current world financial system, you must know some basic but important information about everything and must understand the mindset of the government, authority (both the public and the top secret referees).

At the present moment in 2022, there is only one official currency in the society: the fiat money backed by each national government.

The current fiat money backed by the government exist in both 2 forms: physical in real life and virtual in digital internet world.
And it being used in all kind of various industry.

So you cannot defeat or able to replace it with any other type of new currency.

The best option is create new currency but with limited power and features.

Who have real power and should be allowed to create new currency?
1. The real products goods services makers/producers.
2. The public community where people share some common connection with each other.

Case 1: they are the oil, gas producers such as the OPEC, Russia, USA and they are the big technology companies from around the world.

Case 2: they are the shared language based people

But due to the fact that it also must be simple and easy to “check, manage” for the authority so it should be either 100% digital currency or 100% physical currency.

– Oil, gas are all required machine to function so why don’t create new digital currency for that market.
The backers here are the big national government that are controlling the oil, gas so it will be easy to do.

– Technology also are running with electricity, so it would be great to have new digital currency for that market as well.
The backers here are the group of biggest technology companies around the world, so it would work too but will be careful.

– In many big nations such as USA, Canada, Australia, China, India, there are many different kind of languages since long time ago, so it would be great idea to have new currency based on each individual language.
But in order to make it work then it must be 100% physical currency in real paper for checking.
And the distribution the that new currency must be fair and equal opportunity to all people.
This new type of currency can only occur if a large amount of people accept and want.

But in all cases, the new currency must not allowed to replace the fiat money for all kind of trading but rather than becoming a new selling payment method for the people to choose.

Beside new currency, you can also able to create new non-currency item, goods such as the natural environment protection notes, the land staying fees, etc. And those things I have shared my vision and knowledge already, you can read my previous articles.

Do not limit your vision and idea.
You must give it a try, they are costing next to nothing since you do not need to compete with any forces while creating new project, new products, new currencies.

Want me share more information and detail, then you must make big donation first so I can know my works are good and there are people are waiting for more knowledge, wisdom.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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