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Date Posted:24-10-2022 05:09 AMCopy HTML

Major Problems Of The Society And The People

If you want to make the world become a better place, more interesting planet to live, then you must know exactly the major problems of the people and the society.

There are a lot of problems in the world today but which one should be “priority”.

In my opinions, current major problems in society:
– People do not have motivation, real purpose to live.
– Most people cannot handle the digital technology and are “dying” in that limited virtual world and forget the real physical unlimited world of life.
– People are eat too much foods beyond their need but have too little physical exercise, thus make their entire body become imbalance and more stupid, lazy.
– The authority only focus on economy, finance but do not know and care about human development evolution/ascension.
– The society become more robot with big group/organization are having big network in many nations, thus lack of competitive, creative and fairness.
– World financial system are outdated and no longer help the people, nation in term of evolution ascension.

World peace can only become reality when people willing to listen from others, especially the secret controllers/entities who are control the system.

The overall strategy to make society become better is having new big major policy to encourage people to eat less, exercise more and should focus on human intelligence.
Because when people become more intelligence then there will be less war and chaos.

Most war and chaos because people are fearing of something such as:
– Lack of money.
– Lack of food.
– Lack of motivation, purpose to live.
– Lack of real life information.

Overall, you can say they are lack of knowledge wisdom of living.

Any temporary policy cannot solve the root problem but only permanent global new system can do.
The new world financial system must appear to help the people solve the “fear” problems, thus will make the society become better, the planet become more healthy, interesting to live.

It would be great and interesting for me to talk, debate with any top secret controllers, entities about the new financial system. But I don’t know and have any direct communication with any of them.

If the viewers, readers who want to have real world peace and new era on Earth, then feel free to share my words with them.

Best Regard,
The Savior Is You

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