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Date Posted:26-11-2022 05:47 AMCopy HTML

Make America Great Again Project Must Public Start In 2022 With The Help Of FIFA World Cup 2026

The ‘Make America Great Again” are dying and are losing their momentum because of weak stupid leader.

If they want to install new central bank replace the FED, just do it, why afraid ?

The goal is always:
– Remove personal income tax.
– Power to print endless fiat money paper at will.

They must “trade off” because that is the way of life.
They cannot except the US Dollar become world dominant currencies.

The only “make sense” policy is government no longer help people to buy foreign currencies or have any fixed exchange rate everyday.

About personal income tax, they can remove it and replace with the “security tax” that apply on any rich entity such as the one have over 10 million dollar (including both personal and corporations).
Another thing is remove minimum way and let each local cities decide instead of the federal or state.

It may difficult to start instantly but why don’t they just give “proposal” to the public for they review and think?

I just don’t get it, may be they are not smart enough.

If need some help, then the FIFA World Cup 2026 which will be held in North America is a great opportunity.

Instead of 48 teams, they can increase to 64 or 128 teams with new a completely new rules of tournament.

In Olympic event, you have many thousands people from around the world but with the biggest sport tournament you only have less than 1000 people, what a joke ?!

The reason for this is to “connect” and get support from the public people from all around the world.

I don’t want to talk to much, I don’t want to become monopoly voice, so I don’t tell my idea about how FIFA World Cup 2026 should be, but let other people design and craft new format.

Beside 64 or 128 teams, other things could have is free television worldwide, what a joke to see “license” in the biggest sport tournament.
And in USA land, the one who decide is the Americans not the FIFA organization.

Ideas is not free and not easy to obtain.
But the stupid people do not value it and only except and hope for “free lunch”, free help, that’s why you see world wide chaos nowadays.

If Americans truly need help from me, they must either contact me directly or make big donation to me, so I can spend more time to craft and share more new ideas, information, solution, or even educated books to raise people vibration and must be before the end for this month November 2022.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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