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Date Posted:04-11-2022 01:48 PMCopy HTML

Many Great Benefits Of The New International Environment Protection Notes

In the previous article, I have shared a solution a strategy to solve both the global economic trade war between nations and also the climate change issue.

There are a lot of benefits from the new international environment protection notes.
In this post I will give more details and explanation.

First you need to understand the new environment protection notes are not the currency and not designed for any kind of trading.
But it is more like some kind of “nature environment tax”.

Due to huge demand on the market if all nations agree to use it like a weapon to combat climate change and save the environment, thus it will become a new treasure in the society where all will try to obtain it like a “saving”.

There will be a lot of money will be spent on that new safe “treasure”, thus will reduce the inflation rate of any economy.

And because the authority national government will able to collect it like a new tax then selling it later, therefore the government will have much more balance budget since it like a new tax collective.

At the international trading between nations, the new non-currency international environment protection notes will become more popular than the US Dollar, Euro, etc. and will become the new world financial exchange rate metric and set the standard for all currencies !!!

But because it is not an actual currency so it is harmless to the financial system, powerless to the society.
It like a new GOLD item in the society where people will chase for it but only for “wealth protection, safety” only.

You need to know that when 2 entities from 2 nations trade with each other, that is when that new international environment protections notes are required.
How company, entity collect that new notes are not matter to the society just like the many nations must collect USD to buy oil, gas.

So overall it does not have huge impact and affect to any society.

The new international environment protection notes will replace the US Dollar, Euro, to become the new world symbol for international trading in economic system.

For the Earth environment in general, all nations now have a real tool to really protect the environment from all kind of harmful goods products services such as plastic, artificial chemicals, etc.

In term of education, it will teach and give people a huge lesson that money is not everything and will change the way they think about finance, wealth (some will learn and some will not able to understand).

For the civilization, it will open a new era on Earth where all nations are equal, no any dominant currency from any particular nation from now.

There are too great benefit, but if you wonder what is the “trade off” or the “down side”, then my answer is: it will make the system more complex, less convenient in any nations who agree to join that historic deal.
So in order to preserve some old features, then only top 100 to 160 nations should allowed to join. While some small tiny nations with low population should not to join this new agreement.

It will takes times for most of you to understand and comprehend what I am talking about.
But very soon, you guys will know and realize your biggest mistakes of life is did not contact me directly sooner.

Well, even now your time is also limited because I also have some deadline to completely farewell and bye all of you.

If you guys are not that stupid, then you guys better contact me and make big donation to me immediately so I can have a reason to stay.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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