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Date Posted:24-10-2022 07:58 AMCopy HTML

Mind Manipulation, Black Magic Ritual Dark Practices Are The Dangerous Enemy Of The Society

Life is the flow of many different type of unseen energy.
In many nations from the East to the West, there are too many “cheating” actions of humans over others, from the top to the bottom, from the normal citizen to world leaders.

They are using many secret hidden technique to manipulate other via mind, thought, some even attack, control other humans like animals via various methods such as black magic ritual, dark practices.

The society would be much more healthy and balance if they do not using those kind of stupid practices just for temporary little gain in short period of time, but in exchange they was in fact build more negative bad karma for themselves since they are all the external power.

I don’t care much about those stupid practice because they are cannot do any harm to me since I have fully evolve to beyond God level and out of the circle of life death rebirth but some of beings nearby me have not yet.

Last month, I have discovered the “dark negative energy” have blocked me with the rest of the world for about 2 years is from a “dark practice” attacked one member in my living family in Vietnam.
The more stupid problem is the people who in charge of the authority government in Vietnam did support them.

In the West, they only using ritual of burning in general.
But in the East, they are using dark practice to control mindset over other living human and even deceiving the ghost to form “black energy” to either attack or protect someone.

There is even an underground market buy sell trade for those crazy stupid inhuman things in Asia especially in Vietnam, China, Lao, Cambodia, Thailand, the the buyers often the big figure in the society.

It may very hard and difficult to explain with most of you because those thing nearly do not exist in any English country but those practice are real threat to the society because many big public figure who are rich and famous are using it.

I am calling all the military around the world make their public move to defeat those stupid beings/entities.

All people who have any connection with beings who practicing black magic ritual or any dark practices that are trying to control, enslave other humans must not be in charge of any government or any international organization.

I am fully know the working mechanism and how those type of that stupid group are running, operating.

So if any military or beings want to know more about this matter, subject, feel free to contact with me as early as possible.

And to those who are practicing those stupid things, you need to remember that they are only the external power not the permanent power of your body.

The only correct way to gain permanent power for yourselves is cultivate intelligent, knowledge, wisdom in life.

Best Regard,
The Savior Is You

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