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Date Posted:28-10-2022 09:02 AMCopy HTML

Money, Wealth, Title, Status, Connection Is The Biggest Enemy Of Your God Evolution Road

Everybody, every beings have it own unique signature energy.
You can understand it as an IP address in computing.

All people are always connect with each others in hidden unseen way beyond the exist of ghost, aura field, etc.

So no matter what you are hiding, what technique you are using, your real signature energy address will always “match” and be known with all kind of action in life.

Here what I mean is: no matter how many layer of “proxy” or “puppet” you are using, you are always the one the take the final responsibility of that action/decision or wealth in life.

A lot of people are desire money, gold, wealth and they are unconditional always sending out that “thirsty energy” to the living environment and it will then forward to all the wealth owner.
That type of energy is negative for all the rich wealth owner and will always attack you in secret way, no matter what you are trying to do.

Even just an internet account or mobile phone number is also a negative energy because your mind always connect with the server that keep your database.

Or if you are the member or leader of any group, then you also receive negative energy from other because you have not yet truly believe in yourself, that’s why you need to be in a team.

The only way for you to truly free from all kind of negative energy from others is give up your money, wealth, title, status, connection with the society, as much as possible.

You should only keep connection with your family member in physical life if you want to have your mindset free to learn, to understand, to master your own physical human body, life, the Universe.

In the modern day, you do not need go into any jungle far away the civilization to learn the secret, the truth of life, you can just live in any city.

Life is short, the default life result of all mortal humans are dead.
The only way for you to change that destiny is shut down your connection of the society to increase your chance to truly master your own body.

You can send your wealth to your family member or give it any temple.
You can also spend all of your wealth to buy any learning book, material that related to human development evolution.

That is the brutal truth of life.
You was born with nothing, just a pure body.
The only way to fully understand the secret of human life is giving up all the illusion wealth, title, connection in the society. There is no other choice.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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