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Date Posted:30-10-2022 03:00 AMCopy HTML

National Economy & Global Economy Are Very Different, But All About Jobs

Not all economy are equal.
There are 2 major type of economy: the national within a nation vs the global international.

Many national government are blaming others for their own problem.

Most of so called global products, services are the cheap one, can easily replicated because it does not have it own uniqueness.

Each nation have it own advantage, own language, own custom & culture, thus they able to create their own unique products services that no any other nation can copy or replicate.

The root problem of the world economy now is many people are “blind” and think all the economy are the same.

Trade war or currency war are in fact just a blame politic game, not real.

Example: If now the US Dollar value equal with the Chinese Yuan (1:1 exchange rate).
Do you think it will able to solve to root problem of the USA economy?
It may create more jobs but not able to solve the root issue of the United States economy because the main issue is the minimum wage that restrict the creative !

Most US people only want to “invest” do not really want to do hard work.

The ones who want to do hard work and want start new business cannot afford to compete with big cooperation because of the minimum wage rule, quality standard regulation, etc.

All the global conflict around economy are the just illusion, not real at all.

All national government must understand that they all have a same enemy: JOBS !

No matter what the currency exchange rate on the market, it is always about JOBS.

Do you really care much about foreign currency exchange rate if your nation have the unemployment rate below 1%?
Absolutely not !

International currency is an issue but it not as big as the JOBS issue.

If you want to truly solve the root problem of world economy, then the orders must be:
1. Minimum Wage, Jobs.
2. International Currency.

That is the step by step and correct order.
If you cannot solve the minimum wage, jobs issue then no matter what you do with the global financial system, it just does not matter !

All nations, groups must join force and solve the minimum wage, jobs first before talking/discuss about the global financial system.

I and all travelers want to buy “made in USA or United King or Japan or Saudi Arabia or India, etc.” products when visit those countries.

Nobody want to buy “made in China or Vietnam or Indonesia” goods when visit foreign countries because they can buy those items in their homeland or anywhere.

I have share a great solution about that issue, it will 100% work because that is how you going to truly help the people grow and evolve.

Of course, I have a lot of more ideas, solution to create more jobs at both national and global level, but it is worthless to do when nations are still fighting for stupid illusion currency war. And I do not get paid and desire to do so to.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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