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Date Posted:25-11-2022 11:17 AMCopy HTML

National World Cup Must Have Great Reform On Team Player, Technology Rules

The big difference between national tournament vs club tournament is the national identity.

But now in many sports, in many nations many big world organization does not care, they allow nations to direct “buy” player from other nations with nearly zero restriction such as as long as have passport and never played for any nation before.

When watching FIFA World Cup for example, you no longer able to realize which team is France or Germany or England without looking into the shirts. That is no longer the case 20-30 years ago.

In club tournament you always able to see with mixed races players, and when go to national world cup tournament it is absolutely meaningless if see that repeat pattern.
Instead I would prefer to see team full white vs full black vs full yellow, etc. (unless that nation are the migrated nation).

Another big issue is allowing “foreign” coaches which is should never been allowed !

A team from a nation then all people in that team must from that nation including the coaches !

The best rule big world organization should introduce is only allow players, coaches who was born in the land of that nation allow to be represent and compete in world cup tournament.

Technology or VAR are terrible, it does not bring fun because “mistake” is always a part of humans nature so it is better to not use VAR, technology in tournament, but they better have a new referee ranking system instead which should be voted by players, coaches, team who competed the match instead.

If they want to use VAR, then the referee should only allow to use when there is “challenge” from player/team, or should few selected tournament only.

Having a standard rules for all tournaments are not good, it is much better to have diversity and various rules so people can use their brain, their mind to think more, thus the match will be much more interesting and more fun.

Hopefully I can see big change in the future in not only football but also all other sports.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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