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Date Posted:26-11-2022 09:16 AMCopy HTML

New Ideas, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom Are So Valuable But People Just Do Not Know

If you think words can easily say and craft, then you are pure stupid beings.

If you give money to people who live in the jungle far along this modern technology society and ask them to write anything about life, they would just simple cannot write anything beside their jungle life.

If you give money to most people and ask them write a novel or education book, they just cannot do it at all.

New unique ideas, information, solution, knowledge, wisdom about anything are in fact very difficult to make because they are require real life experience.

Copying others is easy but creating something new unique is nearly impossible with most of mortal humans in this civilization and society.

But unfortunately, people have not yet realize that simple fact and truth.
The dangerous things is not only including people from low class group of the society but also the high level class people who are the people in the government, big organizations, groups.

That’s why this society and civilization are dying !
Lack of creative, lack of new ideas, lack of new information, lack of new knowledge wisdom of life.

This society are still in heavy animal lifestyle, and not yet respect the creative authors, creators at all.

On new ideas, new information can save people life able to save this civilization from destruction.

But instead of giving out big bounty reward to the public to increase the chance and speed of having new information new solution, top people/entities are blind following prophecies, wait for miracle come out of nowhere and do not respect people life.

Words, languages, cultures are the only one worth to mentioned in life, the rest such as title, society status, wealth, power are just illusion.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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