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Date Posted:04-11-2022 10:06 AMCopy HTML

New International Environment Protection Notes Is A Solution For Climate Change & Trade War

All nations must come together to create new world “environment protection notes” to not only protect the living society but also end the global economic trade war.

The new international environment protection notes is not a new currency but rather than a form of tax notes, but not for domestic trading but for international trading between entities from each nation.

How is going to work and operating?
When 2 entities from 2 nations trade with each other, the authority national government now able to add a new requirement for all kind of goods they think are “bad” for the environment.

But instead of using normal fiat money currency, the authority will now use the new “international environment protection notes”, and the “rate, amount” is depend on the items, quantity and each local national government ideology.

So it will not just only the fossil fuel such as oil, gas, coal, but also any other goods like GMOs, plastic, artificial chemical, etc.

The authority government will collect that new form of tax “international environment protection notes” then either sell it or distribute it back to the public people via various different ways.

I don’t know what exactly behind the scene but if the authority truly need money, finance then they will sell it. But if not, then they will distribute to the public people via many competitions like sports, games, etc.

In order to make the new “international environment protection notes” become a real powerful weapon that people can trust to “invest in” then it cannot be each nation but must be group of nations.

Option 1: only 1 international environment protection notes for all nations on this civilization.
Option 2: few to several international environment protection notes for each region/continent such as: Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas, Ocean Pacific.

Pick Option 1 if you put economy above human development evolution.
Select Option 2 if you put humanity over the illusion wealth money.

But since it won’t be fair for national governments to appear and join together in the public, so it is much better for the best people from each nations join and setup new international organization to handle this new international environment protection notes.

How is going to firstly distribute new notes to the society and what quantity?
– Must be via competition such as old out of circulation bank notes such as the Zimbabwe ZWR, Yugoslavia Dinar, etc.

– The quantity is very depend on many factors, but should be trillions number at least.

– And the distribution time could happen for every time period such as 5 years to 10 years or any…..

The new international environment protection notes will have design friendly and amount value will be high to make sure it will be great investment but not become any new currency.

It will become a new powerful foreign currency but cannot be traded but only for “tax” and “gift”.
How wonderful is that ?!

Of course I have full vision and idea about this crazy good new invention.

But it is pointless and waste of time, energy to craft more ideas and share it without receiving any money in return (I am absolutely broke now, if not because of my hidden duty and feeling, I would never waste my time try to connect and talk online like this).

So if any beings, entities want to do this new project, feel free to contact me as soon as possible.

People cannot only focus on making money without think, care for the host living environment called as planet Earth.

This is called as harmony with nature economic system !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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