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Date Posted:21-06-2023 05:04 PMCopy HTML

New Unique Vision For A Better Society Model Book Document For Sale

This society, this civilization are heading to the total collapse and destruction.

The only way to prevent is a new unique vision for a better living society model.

That model must be work, must be easy to understand and implement.
Not only that, it must do not erase the current existing once but only act as an additional model.

After spending few years try to understand, connect with this society by myself alone (do not receive any help), now I have a new great book/document want to reveal it to this society/civilization, especially the top human management group, the secret controllers.

My vision will be new, unique, never seen before and more importantly it will 100% stop the current on going conflict wars in many nations such as China Taiwan, North Korea South Korea, Ukraine Russia, etc.

In that sacred book, there will be a lot of content especially about new government model, new financial system model, new human management model, etc.

If you want to ask for a demo vision version to know my talent and ability, then you should read my free document “New Vision For A Better Digital Cyber Online World” which I have already shared not long ago.

Because this is a sacred book document that will bring the reader a lot of power and benefits so I am not going to release it for free (at least for now) but it will require some kind of karma or donation or money.

Here are the requirements:
– Price for group/entities: € 8,000,000 (8 Million Euro) .
From 2 persons/beings to maximum 200 persons/beings.

– Price for individual: € 10,000 (10 Thousand Euro) .

I do accept both 2 transaction types: once time off payment/donation and planned payment (weekly).

I do accept physical in-person trading as well.

Please understand and respect my hard work.
This document not allowed for buy sell share trade under any circumstance.
Please order and make the correct donation/karma that match with total number of person you will share/send this document to.
I will including some kind of secret magic hidden energy into my book/document so all beings/entities who violate my above rules will get punishment heavily.

This document mostly designed for people who work for government, top secret groups/entities and people who interested in politics, human life and not mean for normal people to read.

This offer will valid for the next 8 days as the minimum, so the deadline is 25/06/2023 June 25th 2023.

After the deadline I could still sell or not, it is up to my personal situation and decision.

* The document will be in hand-written and/or digital format.
Depend on each individual customer or my decision, now I am not yet sure.

For the € 8 million Euro transaction, I will promise and guaranteed 100% refund if my book/document cannot stop war (after sending to top China Korea government for maximum 30 days).

If you want to know the future of this society, if you want to save humanity save this civilization or just want to increase your hidden personal power then you should obtain this great new unique book, document “New Unique Vision For A Better Society Model” as soon as possible !

Feel free to send share this introduction book document to all your friend, families, groups, entities to make the life more interesting, more fun !

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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