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Date Posted:05-11-2022 06:48 AMCopy HTML

No Global Currency Reset But Only World Economic Financial System Evolution

Over the last several years, I have followed, studied, try to understand and solve the problem about the international trade war with a lot of ideas without any specific direct answer whether my idea is get accepted or not from top secret controllers of this mortal humans realm.

Now I finally have the answer about this Global Currency Reset event.

There won’t be any direct global currency reset/revaluation at all.

But there will be a huge world economic financial system evolution.
Where you will see new features and new currency type in the society system.

From stone age ancient times till modern today, there were many type of “currency” from shell to natural metals to fiat money paper.

Even now in many nations belong with the fiat money paper, there are also metal coin money as well.

From my creative mind and my knowledge about this civilization overall, I can say there will some new currency type and new features in the world economic financial system very soon such as:
– Oil gas buying permission/rights token/point.
– Natural environment protection notes.
– Local land living fees.
– Language based community currency.

It is not only to solve about the global trade war between nations, but also help the society become more healthy, educate people more about life.
It is like a new video game with brand new features/tools to make the match become more fun.

The power will be back to the people, the real products goods services maker/producer.

That is the ultimate goal of this world economic financial system evolution event.

Go wake up and get behind, listen to me in order to defeat the invisible evil of greed and power abuse and have a better society for all !

That is my knowledge, my understanding of about how to make world peace.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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