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Date Posted:05-11-2022 04:14 AMCopy HTML

Only Smart Self Alone Individual Able To Exchange The Zimbabwe ZWR Bank Notes

The story and rumor about the Zimbabwe ZWR will become new treasure on this civilization is coming to an end because it will happen in real life very soon.

Not all people will allowed to exchange, but just only small group of people who are meet the “godlike human requirement” will allowed.

If I was in charge of the redemption process, then only people who meet these below requirement will allowed:
– Do not in any group/team/company/organization/secret societies.
– Do not have any kind of contract with any entities such as DNA, working contract, etc.
– Must able to complete control his/her own destiny, own way of living.

So overall, the qualified people are the one do not have any direct connecting/relation with others, do not obey any others, do not control any others, do not in any groups/teams, do not have any kind of contract.

They won’t able to exchange for direct cash (fiat money paper), but with able to exchange it either for digital notes and/or physical paper notes.
And those notes most likely related to natural environment matter such as oil gas buying permission tokens or environment protection notes like the ones I have shared brief info, detail.

Since they are completely new notes and not an actual currency to trading so you must do another exchange to have real cash for daily using, the rate is up to the free market.

I already have a vision about how this exchange redemption unfold but I won’t share it here since I do not receive any reward in return so it is pointless. And there is still a chance I will be the person who will directly handle the whole exchange process so I want some surprised for the public people as well.

I hope you guys who are owning Zimbabwe ZWR bank notes better prepare for above requirement and get out of any group/organization as soon as possible and control your own destiny, own future.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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